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HM's Lesley B finds out what's hot about this new band on the block!

They’ve already completed a national tour, played the 100 Club and released their debut E.P 'Virtue'. We grab a HOT minute with Lou, the lead singer of new indie band on the block Hoodlums.

HM: Hey Lou nice to meet you, would you like to introduce yourself to our Hotminute readers?

Lou: I am Lou Vainglorious of Hoodlums. We write bittersweet pop songs and I sing them while doing strange interpretive dancing. The band sounds like a Zeppelin full of laughing gas exploding with glitter!

HM: So how did you come together as a band?

Lou: Difficult to remember exactly what happened. A few years back a manager I knew introduced me to a few guys that he didn’t really know and we became real friends. Eventually we formed a band. Back then we were all very different people with different goals, now we are like 5 fingers on the same hand. We are now waving hello to everyone!

HM: How would you describe each other as characters?

Vainglorious is the spark plug. Tino is the engineer. Andy is the scientist. Henry is the heartbeat. Ollie is the booty.

HM: Your sound has been described as a unique blend of Indie and Pop would you say that’s an accurate description?

Lou: I don’t know if it is really, I always feel that we are an experimental pop / rock band.  We have had people try to define our sound in some pretty weird ways - ‘The dysfunctional Mumford and Sons’ and ‘Kate Bush fronting The Cure’ stand out among countless others!

I would say that at our core we write dramatic pop songs just like The Walker Brothers or The Beach Boys but we are undeniably contaminated by our love for musical experimentation and broad record collections.

HM: In June you started your national tour, what has life been like on the road, have you got any dirt you would like to dish on each other?

Lou: I would say the road has been a good influence on Hoodlums. It’s being off tour that’s the problem!  I’ve been called “a wartime hero and a peacetime f**k up” by my friends.

In all seriousness though bar some pretty outrageous drinking we have loved getting our music out there to the beautiful people that wanted to hear it! 

HM: You’ve just released your debut E.P. ‘Virtue’, what can listeners expect?

Lou: We don’t mess about really, Hoodlums is about massive choruses and songs that would sound at home in stadiums.

The ‘Virtue’ EP is just the microcosm to macrocosm of what our album will be so download it from iTunes now and check it out. We are very proud of it but ultimately this music should be experienced live in a packed venue. So come and see us sometime!

HM: As advocates of all things hot and happening in London, what would you say are your favourite London hot spots?

Lou: There is an underground German bar opposite The Shard near London Bridge called Katzenjammers which is wicked, if you get there on a Friday they have a brass band playing hair metal covers. The beers are steins (2 pints), so it’s a good place to drink! I also love Rough Trade records in Brick Lane, I regularly pop in for an afternoon coffee and a bit of musical discovery.

HM: So far this year you’ve launched your E.P and been on tour, what’s next for Hoodlums? 

Lou: We are going to release a 2nd EP in a couple of months, and a Single before Xmas along with a lot more touring. Our debut album (which is nearly finished) will be out early next year and with that will come a LOT more touring.

The main goal for HOODLUMS is to have as much fun as possible and give gig goers an amazing show that they wont forget.....Basically ... bring on the festival circuit next year! 


Interview: Lesley b /@HM_TeamLesleyB
Images: Provided by Hoodlums


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