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Kirby Lauryen

Kirby Lauryen

So I cheated a little this month. Originally Kirby Lauryen was my Team RnB battle pick for this issue but having come across her by chance and instantly becoming in awe of her talent I've thrown caution to the wind and made her this month's HOT one to watch as well. Trust me, hit up her YouTube and you'll understand why. Even with my busy schedule I still make sure I check in every few days to catch up on Kirby's 'A Song A Day' series. London make some room in your music libraries for Miss Kirby Lauryen!

HM: Hi Kirby, how are you doing? First off tell us all about yourself and where you hail from?
I’m great! Thank u icon smile Kirby Lauryen well my name is Kirby Lauryen and I am a singer- songwriter from Mississippi. I grew up 10 minutes away from the KING Elvis Presley’s house in Memphis, Tennessee so I guess in a way I’ve always been close to music. I wrote my first love/break up song in the eighth grade, and I’ve been writing ever since!

HM: We found you through your ‘A Song A Day' series, which is a huge YouTube hit. What prompted the idea?

Well for me I really wanted to share music with the world. I called myself a singer-songwriter but no one knew my music. So I decided to work hard to change that.

HM: Your now on song 151, how do you keep up the momentum? 
I take it a day at a time. My attitude is not to do better than the last song, but just to grow. Everyday leads to a new possibility of what to write about, so that helps build the momentum for me. Never really knowing what the next day will hold.

HM: Has there ever been a day when writers block kicked in, how did you overcome it?
You know I don’t allow my mind to consider writers block. Especially when it comes to A Song A Day, because essentially what I’m doing is practicing. If I’m willing to be truthful with myself and have no limitations there will always be a story to tell.

Kirby Lauryen 2 201x300 Kirby LauryenHM: What's the weirdest thing that's inspired your songwriting? A twizzler? A hula-hoop? 
Lol oh wow! I was inspired by Clorox (bleach) the other day lol. If I can find a way to make that word sing-able I definitely might write a song about it.

HM: Is there 'A Song A Day' end date or will this be your life's work, the mark you intend to leave on the world?
The goal is one year. This isn’t my way to leave a mark on the world per say, essentially I just want to push myself to be my best. Writing everyday is just one of things that will help me do that.

HM: Explain, what is 'Soultry'?
For me, soultry is my sound. It’s a blend between soul and country. My vocals are heavily  influenced by soul, and country music has strongly influenced my songwriting. So I call my style “soultry.”

HM: For a yungun' you like some grown folk music. Otis Redding, Gladys Knight and Isaac Hayes are cited as inspirations, what is it about their music that speaks to you?
You know I just love raw talent. Their tone, their boldness on stage. I mean when Otis Redding performed, he literally left it all on the stage. Isaac Hayes was overall a great musician, composer, and thinker. Gladys Knight was one of the few female vocalists who I immediately identified with due to her tone. She is a big influence on me vocally.

HM: Like your EP you risked it all leaving college to pursue your dream in Atlanta, do you regret dream in Atlanta, do you regret this decision?
Absolutely not. You have to live. You have to make choices. You have to make mistakes. I wouldn’t trade my lessons for anything.

HM: Things were tough for you for a while but a certain Budweiser Battle changed all that. What's life been like since?
Life has been great. Opening up for Anthony Hamilton, Raheem Devaughn, KEM was a big deal for me. It really inspired me to work harder.

HM: So your EP's are HOT and all but we wanna know when will we hear your joints on the radio, your videos on MTV and your CDs on the racks or ok more likely iTunes? Huh?! Huh?! Huh?!
Soon, soon, soon! I promise. I will be releasing a new single before the end of the summer and I hope to be on radio soon. Right now all the music is free and I'm just happy to share it with the people.

HM: Lastly Ms Lauryen, what makes you HOT?
Well there’s only one me...that’s pretty HOT right? Lol


Interview: Enam G

Photography: D Photography

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