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Monsieur Baron Black Label Private View

Charles Baron has a vision that will shake up menswear in the UK! 

Intro Monsieur Baron Black Label Private View

That vision is Monsieur Baron, a line of stylish men's shirting that is luxurious, well made and dare I say it a la "mod". Yes I did mean mod and not mode because the cut of their "classic" shirts is more of a teddy boy fit than an old English gent. Hailing from France, Charles Baron is injecting French savoir-faire into British Men's tailoring. Having seen these pieces in real at the exclusive Kiss Big Ego Black Label private view- held at Monsieur Baron's plush Hatton Garden showroom, I think these shirts are a must for every Englishman's wardrobe. We had to know more about the man behind the line so here's our HOTminute with Monsieur Baron founder Charles Baron.

HM: Charles, tell us the story of why Monsieur Baron was born?

The Baron family known for its expertise in textile and shirt making in France has been setting sartorial standards for a century. Although my father, Monsieur Olivier Baron, manufactured shirts for fashion houses including Armani, Gucci, Alain Figaret, Eden Park and Cerruti for 25 years, myself, Charles Baron and co-founder and brother-in-law, Tristan Lagesse actually came from finance backgrounds but decided that trading was over, and fashion was in.

We launched the Monsieur Baron label in 2009 with one core idea in mind: revive the family heritage and translate it into modern trends and lifestyle providing stylish and superior quality shirts in a way that is convenient and effortless for men. In February 2010, Remy Sicot (a childhood friend) joined the fold as an additional partner to complete the Monsieur Baron family.

HM: You’re a Frenchman why did you choose the UK over France?

At the time we launched the brand we were working in finance in the City in London. We had an extended network of bankers, lawyers and traders, which inspired the business model of a line targeted to this type of professional. So, adopting my already crafted family business, we decided to bring a bit of Paris to the City.

Another important reason is that London has a welcoming and flexible commercial environment and it is a city where the fashion industry has a relevant and important position for the local economy. It has an active, vivid, strong, unique sub-culture that can inspire not only fashion professionals, but also the people in the city, turning street style and culture into an essential characteristic. This mix of fashion, business, entertainment, culture, leisure and international recognition as a fashion center made London an attractive city to start a business.

HM: The Monsieur Baron shirt has a lot of signature elements, like the cut, for those who don't know talk about the make of a Monsieur Baron shirt.

Blending the signature style of Paris with the business fashion of London, we combine classic elegance and contemporary style to dress the modern man. At Monsieur Baron we appreciate that the correct shape and fit is key, so we employ a narrow silhouette and sleeves that lengthen the frame. Crafted using care, attention and 100% extra long staple Egyptian cotton, each shirt boasts soft, light and resistant materials that eliminate any sense of restriction, The fabric being double ply offers texture and comfort and the bonus of making it easy to iron. Finished off with iridescent mother-of-pearl buttons adds a unique touch.

mbaron1 Monsieur Baron Black Label Private View


HM: So tell us, what’s HOT about the new Black Label line just launched?

The “Black Label” new collection intends to reflect the true essential of the brand more than ever: we've used only the finest and noblest materials, and our new "Black Label Tailored fit" has been carefully developed to provide every man with a trendy modern style while not compromising on comfort.


HM: Who is the Monsieur Baron man?

The Monsieur Baron man is someone who places particular importance on style, refined language, and leisurely hobbies. The latest fashion is very important to the Monsieur Baron man. He is well groomed and delights in elegance and accessories. He comes from different professional backgrounds; from finance to law, trade or retail.

HM: When someone buys a Monsieur Baron shirt what are they buying into?

Innovative design, good quality and outstanding durability but most importantly, tradition and “savoir faire”. Not to mention attention to details done with flair and finesse …. And finally a strong commitment to elegance and luxury.

HM:  What's next for Monsieur Baron?

Expand. Monsieur Baron is ready to take “the next step” in terms of media awareness and also getting better allocation of our product. We will be experimenting in other markets and developing our customer insight to further understand their needs, wants, and demands. We are also going “back to the source” by presenting a Monsieur Baron Pop up store in Paris this month. We are inviting a lot of people, including the investors of the brand and a lot of press.

HM: Can you see Mademoiselle Baron in your future or are we just going to have to steal our boyfriends/ husbands/brothers shirts???

Actually a lot of our customers are women who buy for the men in their lives and they often ask when the feminine line will be available. It is certainly one of the plans for the future.

Men it's time to inject some French style into your wardrobe, purchase now at;

Monsieur Baron Online


Interview: Enam G

Photography provided by Monsieur Baron.

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